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Healthy Kids Road Trip Snacks

Healthy Kids Road Trip Snacks

Road trips can be tough on kids, and keeping your kids fed with healthy snacks can be even tougher on parents. This quick list will make sure that you not only keep your kids well nourished on the road, but that you keep it simple and fun for everyone. Remember, assortment is the key. It’s best to give snacks that are soft, like apple sauce,yogurt, or fruit cups while actually on the road and moving, and save the other snacks for quick stops at roadside stands or viewpoints so you can ensure that your children are safe while eating.

  1. Fresh fruits (apples, bananas, berries, etc.)
  2. Yogurt cups or pouches
  3. Nut butter and jelly sandwiches
  4. String cheese or other portable dairy products
  5. Crackers or granola bars
  6. Dried fruits or trail mix
  7. Vegetable sticks with dip
  8. Rice cakes or crackers with hummus
  9. Rice balls or sushi rolls
  10. Apple sauce or fruit cups in single-serving containers.

It's important to keep the road snacks within reach, easily accessible and non-perishable to minimize distractions for the driver. We suggest you use Bumkins reusable, and easily cleaned snack bags. They have durable zippered closures, top rack dishwasher safe, food safe, and CPSIA compliant. Large sizes are 7 x 7, small sizes are 3.5 x 7, there's a size for every trip! Find them here:

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