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Safety is Our #1 Priority
Spider Man car seat with child sitting in it

Do your kids give you a tough time buckling into their car seats?

Kids love our seats for the fun and parents love them for the safety. Super easy to use 5 point harness with award winning safety features from your favorite brands. Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and Nickelodeon. Among our extensive cast of super friends we are certain there is a character for everyone.

Wonder Woman car seat with kid in it

Safety is our top priority

KidsEmbrace is proud to make safety a priority. We regularly work with SafeKids Worldwide and groups like Car Seats for the littles to ensure our products are being inspected and reviewed regularly by unbiased 3rd party agencies focused on safety. In addition, our products are held to a higher standard by the likes of our world-class license partners such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel, and Nickelodeon.

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