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There’s a reason why world-renowned companies such as Warner Bros., Disney, Marvel, and Nickelodeon have all decided to partner with KidsEmbrace on creating seats kids want to stay in.  At KidsEmbrace, safety is our absolute and number one priority, we take it very seriously. By signing up for the KidsEmbrace newsletter, you'll get special announcements on new products, sales, and safety updates and tips.
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About KidsEmbrace

KidsEmbrace meets and exceeds the FMVSS 213 Standard set out by NHTSA, and has won several Family Choice Awards for our car seats, as well as being named a "Best Bet Booster" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which gives you peace of mind. Our bright colors, fan favorite characters, and other kid friendly features will make your kids want to get into their car seats, and stay in them safely.