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Loki, You've Met Your Match!

As you may have seen recently on the internet, there's an adorable video that has gone viral, of Loki at Disneyland showing a baby Loki around the parks:

This baby Loki is one of the girls from the Instagram, @LittleGrayThread, where mom Jenielle makes amazingly adorable costumes for her daughters to wear to Disneyland! We were so impressed with the baby Loki costume, we wanted to invite Jenielle and her daughter to KidsEmbrace HQ to meet Thor....well, a Thor car seat that is!

While the Thor car seat isn't currently one we are selling, we may be in the future, so would love to hear your feedback about him! KidsEmbrace does offer an amazing line of Avengers car seats (Iron Man, Spider Man, Hulk, and Captain America). 
After @LittleGrayThread met her brother Thor in car seat form, we interviewed Jenielle, the amazing mom behind this creative Instagram:

How do your daughters react to seeing Loki and Thor at Disneyland? 

When we first met Thor over the Summer, the girls had no idea who he was. He was so kind to them and engaged them in games of hide and seek and Duck Duck goose that he quickly became a favorite. When Loki joined him at the parks, the girls knew he would be cool since he hung out with Thor!

Now, even when she sees him from afar, LittleSage (the nickname of Jenielle's youngest daughter) instantly snaps out of any bad mood and all of a sudden gets really giggly!  She definitely is most excited to visit Loki more so than any other princess or character. He’s built a friendship with her that makes her feel secure, safe, silly, and special. 

How do people react when they see baby Loki at Disneyland? 

For the most part, I hear a lot of “Aww look how cute!  It’s a Baby Loki!”  I think people can tell how much this character means to her and they can appreciate how special it is that Loki would take a little extra time to walk and hold her hand.

Do your girls have a favorite costume they like to wear?

LittleSage’s favorite costume is definitely Loki! She’ll often say “Thank you, Momma, for letting me wear my Loki.”  Other than that, both of the girls really like matching characters, so I’ll regularly bring multiple costume changes. Sometimes I’ll bring upwards of 10 costumes, and they’ll want to wear them all!  It sounds excessive, but when your kids look at you with hearts in their eyes and exclaim, “MOM look we’re matching!” it makes everything worth it. 

You just got your first KidsEmbrace car seats! Which ones do you pick out and why?

I love the KidsEmbrace car seats!  I would have definitely picked Thor for LittleSage, but he’s still a work in progress!  She ended up picking Belle (which is beautiful!) and LittleGray (the nickname of Jenielle's eldest daughter) picked Cinderella to use as a high back booster. She originally gravitated to the Minnie seat, but the cape on Cinderella won her over!
How did your girls react to seeing their KidsEmbrace car seats? 

They couldn’t wait to sit in them!  When they sit in them in the car, they sit nice and tall like queens. LittleGray couldn’t wait to show her friends her new car seat at school!

We had a blast having Little Gray Thread at KidsEmbrace HQ! Stay tuned for a KidsEmbrace giveaway on her Instagram!