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KidsEmbrace Australian Influence Form

KidsEmbrace wants to launch their seats in Australia and New Zealand!

Unfortunately, there are high costs related to developing a car seat that can meet the required standards for both, the Australian, and New Zealand certification. Due to this, we're gauging interest and requesting feedback from the people who matter most, you the consumer, as we prepare to have our seats launched in both countries.
Those who fill out the form below will be the very first know about our latest info regarding our Australian launch AND have the chance to win a gift from KidsEmbrace! We will have a drawing and we will choose 5 people to win a “Babies R Us” gift card valued at $50 AUD!
Please, use the form below to give us your feedback regarding your favorite Warner Bros. characters and who else you would like to see join our lineup of harnessed boosters along with our Award-Winning Batman car seat!