• Let's Talk Safety! How To Install A Car Seat

    Let's Talk Safety! How To Install A Car Seat

    In celebration of National Safety Month, KidsEmbrace, whose motto is “Making Safety Fun” is passing along some car seat safety basics! So that you can feel confident that your children are being (1) properly buckled in their forward facing car seat, (2) Learn the importance of your car seat manual,...

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  • It's A Cinderella Transformation!

    It's A Cinderella Transformation!

    Recently at KidsEmbrace HQ, we were honored with a visit from royalty - Cinderella! Riley, known as @Randomly_Riley on Instagram, made a visit in one of her iconic transformation dresses. Since Riley is transitioning from a harnessed booster seat to a seat belt positioning booster, we thought what better way...

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  • KidsEmbrace Is Featured On CafeMom.com !

    KidsEmbrace Is Featured On CafeMom.com !

    Thanks to updated guidelines and our growing knowledge of car seat safety, kids are staying in booster seats longer than ever before. It's not uncommon these days to see a 6- or 7-year-old still rocking a five-point harness. But even though it's the best thing for them, kids aren't always so enthusiastic...

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