• It's A Cinderella Transformation!

    It's A Cinderella Transformation!

    Recently at KidsEmbrace HQ, we were honored with a visit from royalty - Cinderella! Riley, known as @Randomly_Riley on Instagram, made a visit in one of her iconic transformation dresses. Since Riley is transitioning from a harnessed booster seat to a seat belt positioning booster, we thought what better way...

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  • KidsEmbrace Is Featured On CafeMom.com !

    KidsEmbrace Is Featured On CafeMom.com !

    Thanks to updated guidelines and our growing knowledge of car seat safety, kids are staying in booster seats longer than ever before. It's not uncommon these days to see a 6- or 7-year-old still rocking a five-point harness. But even though it's the best thing for them, kids aren't always so enthusiastic...

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  • RaiseAChild and KidsEmbrace: A Partnership for Foster Children

    RaiseAChild and KidsEmbrace: A Partnership for Foster Children

    If interested in attending the HONORS event, you may purchase tickets using this link. https://app.donorview.com/Event/EventInfo?prm=zb5IF3VeLwR6vQILMNhNJ1XLNM1TbUaNx8iD9EK-9KqqKpc6Kujwh4h9XawpcUY0mj3N5RN8HdZEQp5fFew-b-nXTl6CUlcNsUastv9aTpkr7fgSIfD7KqECj5BzIG2uN5oV7yiITvyEKG25l8ZwGp69mi3hByC6BPKhoGpyrBGfuQyie4ycy6Jf8FsS2hbAKuK0NyNZS8Z9DRHhomNNO4jZpoM6xWpdkHnci2qe6qr8jOter_c3HtHmwyXs7wSm0 If interested in taking part of their silent auction, which includes KidsEmbrace items, you may do so via using the link below: https://cbo.io/bidapp/index.php?slug=honors#

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