Traveling with Kids Made Easy and Safe

Traveling with Kids Made Easy and Safe

If you're heading out of town with the family this summer or upcoming holiday season, you know travelling with kids can mean a LOT to pack! It can mean a lot of room taken up in the car, or a lot of bulk at the airport. KidsEmbrace strives to make life easier for parents, so have worked hard to create not only high quality kid gear, but gear that folds up and travels easily and compact.

If you're travelling with kids, there's a good chance you'll want a highchair along with you. Recently, Jessica from The Healthy Mouse was taking a road trip with family and was easily able to fit the KidsEmbrace DC Comics Batman Deluxe High Chair in her car, along with all her family's luggage. Not only is it compact folded up, but unfolded, the high chair is very sturdy, comfortable, and has adjustable height positions. 

Travelling with toddlers - KidsEmbrace high chair - KidsEmbrace Batman high chair
Amelia enjoying some Once Upon a Farm in her KidsEmbrace Batman high chair!
Also easy for a trip, whether by car or plane is the KidsEmbrace DC Comics Batman Lightweight Compact Stroller. All of Jessica's family on her recent trip was impressed by how easily it folds up and unfolds - it happens so fast it looks like magic (you can see in the video above). The stroller itself has a really good sized canopy, great for sunny summer days. The undercarriage has a lot of space, and the wheels glide and move from side to side with little effort. This stroller is a rare combination of compactness, lightweight, yet comfortable and sturdy.
Batman stroller - KidsEmbrace Batman stroller
The KidsEmbrace DC Comics Batman 2 in 1 Harness Buddy also came in handy on the trip. Her 3-year-old felt comfortable and secure in the harness, and loved to have a Batman mini backpack of her own, while the tether harness makes parents feel more secure when travelling new places (in busy airports, theme parks, etc).
KidsEmbrace harness buddy - KidsEmbrace tether harness - KidsEmbrace Batman harness buddy
And of course, a necessity for any trip: a great car seat. To go along with the Batman theme that Jessica's daughter loves, the McDonald family traveled with the KidsEmrbace DC Comics Batman Combination Booster Car Seat. It's easy to travelwith, whether you are transitioning it from a plane to a car or into a rental car, KidsEmbrace uses an orange tether to make it easier than ever for parents to safely and securely install car seats from place to place, without hassle. 
The ability of KidsEmbrace's gear to travel easily made travelling with a toddler a breeze! And most of all, having a comfortable stroller, high chair, car seat, and tether harness made for a happy kid along the way!
Travelling with a toddler - Batman harness buddy - Batman stroller - KidsEmbrace stroller - KidsEmbrace batman
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