It's A Cinderella Transformation!

Recently at KidsEmbrace HQ, we were honored with a visit from royalty - Cinderella! Riley, known as @Randomly_Riley on Instagram, made a visit in one of her iconic transformation dresses. Since Riley is transitioning from a harnessed booster seat to a seat belt positioning booster, we thought what better way to commemorate this step in growing up than with a royal ceremony? 

Riley wore her simple Cinderella dress, which magically transformed into a beautiful Cinderella gown, ready to go to the ball and all her other adventures in her new KidsEmbrace Cinderella seat belt positioning booster

Riley was so excited to feel like such a "grown-up" princess transitioning into her new seat fit for a princess. She loved the little touches on the seat to make a car ride special, like the gown on the sides of the seat that can also be used as a blanket. Her car ride was made complete with a cool set of shades from Sun-Staches (every princess needs a tiara after all):

It was such a fun way to commemorate Riley's transition, that the whole Disney crew at KidsEmbrace showed up!

You can find @Randomly_Riley on Instagram, plus visit her page for a magical giveaway!

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