Posted on by Jessica McDonald

With the monumental release of Marvel’s first ever Black Panther licensed car seat, KidsEmbrace is now giving children the ability to ride along with their favorite superhero, with the safety and protection the king of Wakanda is known for!

Black Panther, the record-breaking film that crossed all demographics, became a favorite hero earlier this year with the release of the character’s first solo film, which was also Marvel Studios’ first film with a cast almost entirely made up of people of color. The character has become an inspiration to children who were previously unrepresented by popular superheroes. In fact, Black Panther’s legacy affects young girls just as much as the traditional superhero audience of young boys. 

As mother Daniella from Grateful Girl Mom says,:

“My daughter was all smiles when she got a chance to try out the new Black Panther Car seat. When I asked her what she liked about it she said she felt bigger, stronger, smarter, and she could feel her super powers! She literally saw herself as a superhero and I love that!”

KidsEmbrace is dedicated to the idea that children should be kept safe at all times, especially while in the car. Moreover, kids should want to stay safe, and what better way than with the characters they love? The release of the world’s first licensed Black Panther car seat ensures that more children will be excited to be in their car seat and make safety fun with their very own superhero!