A Moving Email in KidsEmbrace’s Inbox

Last week, you may have seen on KidsEmbrace‘s Instagram that there was an epic launch party for the new Amazon exclusive Black Panther car seat. For the launch party, we flew out guests of honor Annett and her daughter Jada. Annett had won a giveaway for a KidsEmbrace Cinderella car seat that was on the Magic Kingdom Mama's Instagram page.  While grateful for the win, she had wished there was a car seat that looked more like her daughter. Annett is a single military mom from Texas, who is passionate about inclusion and diversity. To transform her daughter Jada’s car seat to look more like her daughter, she colored Cinderella to look more like Jada. When she picked her up from school and saw her newly transformed car seat, she was ecstatic to have a car seat that looked like her!
 Annett wanted to thoughtfully share Jada’s car seat’s new look, and her wish that KidsEmbrace could add a Disney Princess that looked like her little girl. The whole team at KidsEmbrace was immediately moved and inspired by her email, so got in touch with Disney right away. Disney always takes great strides in inclusivity and diversity. With KidsEmbrace being passionate about those same values and initiatives, we knew that Disney would be on board to make this dream come true for so many families.
After reading Annett and Jada’s email and seeing Jada’s excitement with her Cinderella car seat made to look more like her, Disney was immediately on board to make magic happen! Alongside KidsEmbrace, we got the ball rolling together and developed a concept rendering of a Princess Tiana car seat. Since this was all made possible by Annett’s passions, KidsEmbrace flew her and Jada out to Los Angeles to attend our Black Panther Car Seat launch party to be the ones to unveil the Princess Tiana concept to the world!

Vincent (KidsEmbrace COO), Annett, and Jada unveil the concept rendering of the Princess Tiana car seat. 

As you can see from Jada’s face, she was beyond thrilled to see that next year she could have her own Princess Tiana car seat – and best of all, it was all made possible for Disney and KidsEmbrace to make this happen because of her and her mother. As you can tell, Jada absolutely loves Tiana. To make her trip out to Los Angeles even more memorable, we took her and her family to Disneyland to meet Princess Tiana in real life!

A Magical Trip to Disneyland

The day before the launch party, myself and other fellow Disney moms (NikkiJenielle, and Jennifer), as well as Annett’s sister, brother-in-law and two of Jada’s cousins went to Disneyland so Jada could meet Princess Tiana herself!  All the kids instantly became friends and loved walking around Disneyland together. My daughter and Jada became friends right away just on the drive from LA to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Jada and my daughter Amelia on the road to Disneyland!

All the kiddos looking at the castle.

Annett and her family

Annett and Jada were thrilled to see their family from San Diego and spend some quality time at Disneyland. It was pretty remarkable to not only take Jada to meet Princess Tiana in person, but she also was able to meet her alongside her cousins!

When we found Princess Tiana at Disneyland, it was magical to say the least! She was in her green ball gown and tiara, on a grand riverboat near New Orleans Square. Jada ran up to give her a huge hug (rocking the Tiana Sun-Staches) – it was definitely a magical moment that none of us will forget!



Annett and Jada had quite the memorable and magical trip, and the KidsEmbrace team can’t thank them enough for making the trip out here to be our guests of honor in the unveiling of the Princess Tiana car seat (coming in 2019). The kids were also so happy to make a new friend! When we asked Annett about her experience and trip out here, she had this to say:
“This experience has been so amazing! I would’ve never thought any of this would happen. My daughter loved Disneyland. She smiled the whole day. And, meeting Princess Tiana was the icing on the cake! She was so excited and happy her little dream had finally came true! This will forever be one the best weekends for my daughter and I! Thank you to everyone at Kids Embrace! Thank you to Vincent and Disney for making this all possible!” 
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