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Bubble Guppies Car Seat

Set in a world of fun and fantastic underwater adventure, the Bubble Guppies gang takes a wild ride through brilliant forests of kelp, colorful coral mountains, and endless ocean gardens to teach all the subjects preschool age kids need and want to know. Topics featured on the Bubble Guppies show are incredibly varied and include medicine, prehistoric life, sports, the solar system, and even the wild west. Literacy, math, science, and more are no match for the Bubble Guppies when it comes to learning. Along the way, kids hear exciting and original music and get a hefty dose of humor to help them remember all the fun facts they're taught during the Bubble Guppies show.
The Bubble Guppies are a group of curious and unique preschool classmates who always find themselves on a new and exciting learning adventure. Each Guppie has interesting characteristics that give them distinct personalities. While this helps them stand out as individuals, it also demonstrates that many different kinds of personalities are needed to solve a problem or figure out a lesson. Gil is the most adventurous of the Guppies and one of the co-hosts of the show. The other co-host, Molly, has an infectious and bubbly personality and the whole group is sure to follow her lead. Deema brings a dose of flair to the group and loves to be the center of attention. Nonny is the quiet, brainy member of the group who would rather figure out the rules of soccer than play a game. Sweet and sensitive Noona is always there to care for her friends and everyone she meets. Goby's vivid imagination is bigger than he is and can never be contained. Bubble Puppy brings an unfettered love of fun and sense of loyalty to the show. Mr. Grouper is the Guppies' helpful and encouraging teacher, who interjects every lesson with a healthy dose of respect for intelligence and the joy of discovery. Also there to assist the Guppies in their learning adventures are the Little Fish, helping the Guppies get to school and the kids at home soak up the lessons.

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